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Reviews/Essays | 1932
Transcription of the house. This is the homes of
Mr. Edward N. Chisolm. The plan-
tation whereon this house stands was
originally granted to Andrew Govan,
a Scotchman, in 1749. He died in
1771 leaving a son, Daniel, then ten
or eleven years of age, to whom he
left this plantation, which contained
1,300 acres and was called St. George.
This son Daniel married and died
young, leaving a son, Andrew, and
a daughter, Eliza. The latter inherit-
ed St. George. On April 24, 1813
she married Nash Roach. They took
up their residence at St. George, but
some years later Mr. Roach became
dissatisfied with St. George--it is said
because of the prospect of the South
Carolina railroad passing through
his plantation and across his avenue
--and bought a plantation near Mid-
way (which, as its name implies, is
midway between Charles) on and Au-
gusta) in Barnwell district and built
a new home thereon which he called

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