Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Illustrations | 2008
Transcription "Arriving early, I explored the Cobb House and grounds. I ran into Dr. James Kibler,
president of the Simms Society and editor of its twice-a-year Simms magazine, an author
himself of essays, poetry, novels, and history, and a teacher at the UGA.

"Dr. Kibler had prepared from his own Simms collection the first-ever exhibition devoted
solely to the poetry of Simms. I used a catalogue prepared by Dr. Kibler to study rare copies
of the works of Simms on display, including books from Simms's own library at Woodlands
in South Carolina, his home later burned by the Yankees. Some of Simms's books, stolen by
Yankees, have made their way back south.

"I also ran into Nicholas Meriwether, oral historian at the South Caroliniana Library on the
campus of the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina, and Ron Bridwell,
who sells rare books; Ron even had two autographs of Simms for sale. We three lunched
nearby in the Ski Thai Restaurant. I enjoyed duck.

"Back at the Cobb House, I found my cousin, Miss Jo Driggers, also a member of the Simms
Society, who had driven down from Lexington, South Carolina, for the Simms Symposium.
We joined a tour of the house by Sam Thomas, the curator.

"That evening Dr. Masahiro Nakamura of Aichi University in Japan spoke on the literary

Prof. Masahiro Nakamura of Aichi University with Prof. Kibler. Nakamura was honoured for
his outstanding work as first translator of Simms into Japanese and on the eve of the publication
of Visions of Order (USC Press), the, first book on Simms by a scholar outside the US.