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Illustrations | 2008
Transcription A view of the USC Press exhibit at the Symposium, Alex Moore, Press representative was there
to answer questions. He introduced Dr Nakamura at Saturday's session, and discussed Dr
Nakamura's new volume. Nakamura gave the key-note address on Thursday evening, entitled
"Simms in Japan: a Survey of His Reputation." The USC Press exhibit was one of seven
impressive displays of current and rare Simmsiana.

"Miss Deborah Brinson also played her harp and sang "It's a Long, Long Way to Alabama,
her first effort at musical composition, set to a poem about a Confederate boy who dies and
is buried along the way, on his way home after the War to Alabama, a true story. There were
tears in the eyes of the listeners.

"Bill Cawthon brought me a copy of an 1890 letter to his ancestors from S.I.S. Cawthon of

"Dr. Kibler quoted two sentences I liked, `The task of the civilized intelligence is perpetual
salvage' and `If in making progress, you destroy beauty, it is not progress.'"After the adjournment at midday Jo and I drove through downtown Athens on Broad and
ate at an old, Italian-restaurant, DePalma's. I liked the look of the dark, wooden, old-
fashioned eatery.