Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Music | 2008
Transcription Tower of Glendalough by Miss Dedorah Brinson

Down in Wicklow there stands agem,
Reaching upward to the sky,
from times that are gone, never to return
Monumental stands the tower.
What wondrous secrets do these stones know
What tales of Eire could they tell
Of days that were hard and days that were good
All behind history's veil.
Were you a shelter far Irish folk,
When vikings raged o'er the land
Or did you hide precious treasures,
Deep within your round walls.

For Simms and Southern Poets by Dr. James Kibler
Tune of Gaelic melody Eamonn an Chnuic

Gold-beaten bird singing from jewelled bough
What is past, passing now, and to come:
Rustling green of live oak bees among woodland vines
Whippoorwill singing clear ctusk, and dawn
Bob-white in Fall fields, mockingbird trilling songs
Bunting animate rainbow on wings.
Voices on Edisto, waves on Ashley's green shore
Woodlands sighing in summer's deep storm
Taking their music up, figuring it to gold
True etched now with a stylus, past jeweller's skill
Singing on to all time, fords and fatties to come
List'ning rapt in the goldglow of Byzantium.