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Scholarship | 2008
Transcription IN MEMORIAM
William A. Counts
William A. Counts of Ormond Beach, Florida, died 30 April 2008.
He was the husband of Simms descendant and Simms Society member,
Kate Simms Counts. Mr Counts had attended a number of Simms
symposia with Kate. I recall him at the Barnwell-Bamberg and
Charleston events. Conference participants will miss his pleasant
company. Our condolences to Kate and his family.
A contribution to the Publication Fund was made by John G.
Simms, Jr, of Miami, Florida, in his memory. editor

New Review-Essay on Simms's Indian Writings

Dr David Aiken of the Citadel has an important essay-review on Simms's
Native Americans in which he shows the difficulty of viewing Simms as a
"practitioner of pragmatic humanism. " It may be found in The South Carolin
Historical Magazine, vol. 107, no. 3, pp. 231-234.


New Membership Dues Address

Starting immediately, all new memberships to the Society and all
membership dues should be sent to

Dr Matt Brennan
President of the Society
1013 Maple Avenue
Terre Haute, IN 47804

As in the past, make checks payable to the Simms Society.

Poets, when they are real men, are prophets, for
there is a soul-instinct, which they represent,
which is far more profound than any reason.

William Gilmore Simms
Charleston Mercury (15 June 1863)