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Copyright Page

Scholarship | 2009
Transcription THE SIMMS REVIEW
Volume 17 • Numbers 1 & 2

Nicholas G. Meriwether Guest Editor
James E. Kibler, Jr. Founding Editor

Editorial Board
Matthew Brennan, Indiana State University, President
Sean Busick, Athens State University, President-Elect
Nicholas G. Meriwether, University of South Carolina, Secretary-Treasurer
Kevin Collins, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Member-at-Large
James E. Kibler, Jr., University of Georgia, Member-at-Large

The Simms Review is published annually at a subscription rate of $25.00 a year,
or free to members of The Simms Society, which is its sponsor, and for which
the Review serves as a place of record. The Review solicits articles, notes, and
queries on any subject pertaining to the life and writings of William Gilmore
Simms. The suggested length for articles is 2,500 words; longer articles should
be discussed with the editor in advance.
The Simms Review is a refereed journal. Submissions should be in Microsoft
Word and sent via e-mail to Meriwetn@mailbox.sc.edu. Please use MLA format
for references (in-text citations and a Works Cited list). Include your name and
contact information on the first page only.
Subscriptions and tax-deductible contributions should be via check to The
Simms Society and sent to the Society at the South Caroliniana Library,
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208. Yearly dues are $25.00.
Student rates are $15.00. Life memberships are $250.00. Institutional rates are
$35.00. These include the cost of The Simms Review. Please check the Society's
web site for current information.
2009 by The William Gilmore Simms Society. All rights reserved. No part of
this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any
form by any means, including electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording,
or otherwise, without prior written permission from the editor.

Library of Congress ISSN 1535-4695.