Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Page 11

Poetry | 2009
Transcription 11 THE SIMMS REVIEW

135 But not alone applause—the tearful eye
The pale, wet cheek the deep and mournful sigh,
Attest one truth in every heart imbued,
That general worth meets general gratitude!
Immortal Birthright! Kings their crowns bequeath,
140 A splendid bauble freemen leave the wreath
Of sacred will unbounded, to their sons
Rending "alliances" with Washington's!

Decay hath many trophies memory more!
O'er long lost scenes her anxious eyes still pore,
145 With all the dreamer's earnestness, nor dares
Desert the shrine of equal joys and tears—
I saw the wanderer as with anxious eye
He gazed, on early prospects with a sigh.
Grief rear'd a mournful trophy in his breast,
150 And came to worship—an accustomed guest.
But memory, colder still, each object bears,
Renew'd, and glowing thro' the vale of years,
Hers is the lot, to paint again those joys
That time still brightens, e'en whilst he destroys;
155 Gilding each by-gone glory with a light
And lustre, that but leads away the sight,
While the young heart feels every joy renew'd,
Till it awakes—and finds all solitude!

The desert hath its trophies, columns stand,
160 Alone, amid the wilderness—the hand
Is lost that rear'd them—and the speechless stone
But tells, like sepulchre's that it is gone!
Heartless memorials! man requires not these
Dull emblems, to relate the proud degrees
165 Of greatness he hath numbered, and they fade
And lose their notices as soon as made!
Wouldst thou, vain greatness, learn the powerfull spell
Of rearing trophies, that to worlds shall tell
Thy glories, when thyself hath past away
170 Long ages, to the regions of decay?