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Poetry | 2009
Transcription 12 THE SIMMS REVIEW

Bid not the column rise to mark the pride
That God, who stamp'd thee, Creature, hath denied,
Rear not the senseless stone with useless pelf,
That in the end but tells us of itself
175 Live not for glory, but this one truth scan,
Who seeks for memory's note must live for man!

Time still progressive gives a brighter clime,
Where life is freedom, unallied with crime,
There, the proud trophy, that the patriot finds,
180 Is the approval of accordant minds;
The grateful knowledge that his aim and end
Is mankind's weal, and ev'ry man's his friend.
Such is the trophied bust that memory rears,
O'er Pinckney's tomb, made sacred by her tears.

A Note on the Text
This reproduces the original text of the poem exactly as it was printed,
with minor emendations: the convention of inserting a single space between the
end of a word or line and some following punctuation marks, chiefly colons and
semicolons, was eliminated here. This is in keeping with current best practices
in textual editing of eighteenth and nineteenth century works, a time in which
printing (and writing) were shifting away from a mode in which punctuation
was used to indicate breath lines to a more formal usage predicated on grammar.
To modem eyes, the practice of inserting spaces before certain marks and not
others—such as commas and em-dashes—is distracting at best, and looks like
a printer's error at worst. Scholars interested in the original typography may
consult the only known copy at the New-York Historical Society; a photocopy
of that volume is preserved at the South Caroliniana Library, along with two
disbound copies located in Folder 20, Published Lectures, "Monody on the
Death of General C. C. Pinckney," Charles Carroll Simms Collection, South
Caroliniana Library. James E. Kibler, Jr. reproduced his photocopy of the poem
in The Simms Review 16.2 (2008): 11-[21].