Wlliam Gilmore Simms
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Secondary Scholarship | 2009
Transcription 45 THE SIMMS REVIEW

A marsh tacky is a breed of horse native to the South Carolina coastlands
and is descended from horses brought to the area by the Spanish over
four centuries ago.10 Bred for the harsh conditions found along the coast
during the colonial era, the marsh tacky was used for farming, riding, and
hauling heavy loads. The rhyme plays upon this cultural history, for it
tells us that Miss Jacky not only "rode him rather hard" but also "didn't
spare the whip." It concludes,
So one day he shied and threw her,
And he let Miss Jacky slip.
He came home without the lady,
Very lame, and very sore,
But a gay as any Mayday,
For Miss Jacky rode no more.
Simms also includes a rhyme about a favorite Southern pastime among
young boys and men:
Hark! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
The dogs are in chase,
And now for a race,
They've treed a possum, Hurrah! Hurrah.
Now wave your torch and shine his eyes
Ha! Ha! he's there,
Hung high in the air,
With is head hanging down between his thighs.
Who'll climb and throw the possum down?
"'Tis I," says Bob,
I'll do the job,
I'll jerk him away and crack his crown.
He jerks the possum from the tree,
And there he lies,
Beneath your eyes,
Looking as dead as dead can be.
He's playing at possum, boys,—he fibs,
It is his trick,
But get a stick
And give him a poke in his tender ribs.
Ha! Ha! He doesn't relish the poke,
And up he starts