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Secondary Scholarship | 2009
Transcription 122 THE SIMMS REVIEW

how "the Northern Masons" can afford "succor to a Southern brother in
the hour of his distress."

1. Ancient Free Masons. This designation is unique to South Carolina.
2. In a 23 May 1951 letter to Simms's grandson John Govan Simms, H. M. Pace,
then Grand Master of the Ancient Free Masons of South Carolina, wrote that
Simms "was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on February 12,
1866," as recorded in the history of Orange Lodge 14. A photostat of that letter
was recently donated to the South Caroliniana Library by John G. Simms, Jr.
3. These lectures have not been located. Arrangements are currently being made
with the lodge descended from Orange Lodge, Orange-Charles Towne Lodge No.
14, A.F.M., to search their archives for further clues. There is reason to believe
that the 1866 minute book, containing information on Simms's membership and
the lectures, is still extant.

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