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Item informationTitle: Matthew Brady Portrait Proof
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  • Publication date: 1866-08[?]

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    • The Letters of William Gilmore Simms, Vol. 1-5
    Description Item has been pasted to a small backing board, presumably by a family member sometime in the 20th century.
    Notes In a 15 August 1866 letter to George W. Ellis, Simms notes that Brady had ''taken several portraits (photographs) of me for a large quarto work of the publisher Johnson'' (Letters, VI: 246).  This ''large quarto work'' is the second edition of Duycknick's National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans, published by Johnson, Fry & Co.  This particular item appears to be a proof of the portrait that would appear in National Portrait Gallery, and is one of the most famous images of Simms late in his life.